Creating spherical widescreen photos on mobile

The Mix application has a function that simulates spherical widescreen photographs. This effect, which transforms landscapes into circular images similar to planets, is usually created using professional techniques in Adobe Photoshop. Mix creates these images without complication, resulting in a photograph that has a new angle of view, as if it were photographed from above. The app is free and is available for iPhone (iOS) and Android smartphones.

To obtain the spherical effect, which is not usually native to smartphones, it is necessary that the images have a horizon that shows the sky, since others can be distorted and without the expected result. We've prepared a tutorial to explain how to create widescreen photos on a mobile phone. Check below and take different and more creative photos.

Tutorial shows you how to create spherical panoramic images on your mobile with the Mix app

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Step 1. Open the application and go to the "Retouch" option. Then choose the photo you want to use for editing.

Action to open a photo of the phone in the Mix app

Step 2. At this point, touch the "Planetinha" option so that the effect is applied to the image. In the next window, adjust the effect parameters so that the image stays the way you want it.

Using the planetary effect and its parameter settings in the Mix app

Step 3. Press the visa icon in the lower-right corner of the screen to finish the edits. Then touch the "Save" option.

Action to save a spherical panoramic image created with the Mix app

Step 4. Press "Understood" to confirm the information that the app will create a new image and will keep the original photo unchanged on the phone. Once this is done, the edited image will be saved in the library and you can use the sharing options to take the photo to social networks and to messengers.

Sharing panoramic image sharing options created with the Mix app

Take the hint to create new photos using images that are saved on your phone.

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