The Crew 2: Check out tips to play on PS4, Xbox One and PC

The Crew 2 is one of Ubisoft's greatest releases for 2018. Developed by Ivory Tower and available for PS4, Xbox One and PC (with download via Steam), the racing game extends its mechanics by offering runs on water, ground and air. Check out tips to get started as well:

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Use the nitro

In The Crew 2, all vehicles available to the character are modified. This means that boats, airplanes, cars and motorcycles, including off-road transport, can use the nitro feature at any time during disputes.

The Crew 2: See Tips To Get Well In The Race Game

The nitro, unlike other racing games, has its unlimited use and depends on the meter positioned in the lower right corner of the screen. The meter is filled as the player performs dangerous maneuvers, overtaking and speed records, so the best thing to do is to risk dangerous actions.

Relay is everything

The possibility of switching vehicles in real time with a single button was not implemented at random to the vast open world. The idea is for the player to use the change at will to accumulate points, followers and money faster.

Instead of following the tasks of the game with a single type of vehicle, try to take chances in other modalities to evolve your pilot skills on all verticals. Know that there are exclusive items and prizes to those who fulfill all activities with boats, airplanes, motorcycles and cars.

The Crew 2: Play with all sorts of vehicles to make progress and get new followers

Improve Your Collection

When finishing races and challenges, the item known as "merchandise" is awarded as a prize in a random manner. The "merchandise" is a kind of surprise box that delivers better items, and you can equip them anytime I your vehicles from the pause menu.

The system is similar to what is seen in games like Destiny, Diablo and The Division, with items separated by color and rarity levels, although not as robust, since the accessories do not significantly modify visual aspects.

Dedicate yourself to improving the active vehicle always at the end of an event, because performance evolution makes a lot of difference when facing advanced challenges. Also remember to discard unused items. It is important to turn them into scrap to make room in the limited inventory of the pilot.

The Crew 2: Use the accumulated money to acquire more powerful vehicles

Invest in new vehicles

Like every racing game that matters, The Crew 2 offers a vast catalog of vehicles in its store. Use the virtual money accumulated during the games to buy new cars, boats, motorcycles and airplanes. That's because certain missions in history require more powerful vehicles, meaning you'll have to shell out extra money if you want to keep making progress in the campaign.

A good tip for those who want to invest in the best cars is to repeat missions from history. Larger events usually make more money, especially when the rider is able to be in the top three. In addition, by amplifying the level of difficulty by selecting missions in the "difficult", the chances of joining money and items are higher.

Master the brake

Although The Crew 2 provides a totally arcade experience, one thing is certain: braking during a sharp turn, just like in real life, is not recommended. This causes the vehicle to lose a lot of speed and, consequently, feels difficult to start.

The Crew 2: Know the right time to use the brake to win in all modalities

Before venturing into drift races, train your skidding skills through the open world. Knowing the right time to press the brake button is something that fits all modes, without exception.

Go to photo mode

The Crew 2 photo mode is not a mere addition to recording incredible moments. Here, the mode needs to be used to meet region-specific goals, such as taking pictures at tourist spots in every American city.

When exploring the map, you will realize that photography missions come up at all times. The goals are simply to reach an object or locality and record a photo that captures not only the vehicle, but the object to be considered. Usually they are simple tasks, but they present the pilot with merchandise, money and, of course, followers. Give special attention to photo mode and capriche the images.

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