CS: GO: How to download and play free Battle Royale mode

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive received the new Danger Zone mode, free Battle Royale available for the competitive Steam FPS. With support for up to 18 players, the novelty features several famous game weapons and mechanics similar to those seen in PUBG and Fortnite. Still have not tried the mode? Check out the guide on how to play.

CS: GO wins Danger Zone, Battle Royale mode, and gets free on Steam

Step 1. To play Danger Zone, you need to have Counter-Strike: Global Offensive installed on your PC. Make sure the game is up to date and click on Play;

CS: GO: How to download and play free Battle Royale mode

Step 2. In the CS: GO main menu, click the red Danger Zone icon to find a match;

Select the Danger Zone mode from the CS menu: GO

Step 3. Click the green OK button at the bottom of the screen and wait for the pairing of the mode with other players;

Click OK to start the search for Battle Royale games from CS: GO

Step 4. Once the match is ready, click the Accept button to enter;

Click on accept to enter the Danger Zone match of CS: GO

Step 5. Just like in other Battle Royale games, you need to choose a map region to descend. Click on the desired point and wait for the countdown;

Choose which part of the map you want to start in CS Danger Zone: GO

Step 6. Point your character to the point where you want to fall. Watch out for nearby enemies and rush quickly to some construction;

Go down cautiously until the point marked in the CS: GO

Step 7. Danger Zone mode items are inside the supply boxes, which need to be broken to reveal their contents. There are several types of boxes, which can be more or less resistant;

Use punches and shots to break through boxes of supplies and reveal their contents in CS: GO

Step 8. Press B to open the items purchase screen, which works on a kind of tablet. Here you can spend money on weapons and equipment, such as vests, helmets and explosives;

Press B to open the items purchase screen in CS: GO

Step 9. The purchased items are delivered by drones, who fly to you. Keep an eye on the blue icon on the map to know the position of the drone with your weapons. Note that opponents can also see and hear the drones;

Follow the delivery of your weapon, which will be done by a drone in CS: GO

Step 10. The goal is to be the sole survivor of the match, eliminating or not your opponents. As in PUBG and Fortnite, the map will become smaller and smaller, being consumed by a kind of toxic mist.

Stay tuned for the map closing in CS: GO