Customizing actions when sliding from Gmail on mobile

Gmail is now allowing users of the Android app to customize their actions by sliding a message to the right or left. Before the update, the gestures were restricted to two behaviors: deleting or archiving an email. Now you can choose from six different options to link to finger movement.

"Mark as read / unread, " "Move to, " "Postpone, " "None, " and of course "Delete" and "Archive" are the action alternatives offered with the update . Check out how to configure in the walkthrough below, performed on a Moto Z2 Play running on Android O (8.0).

Gmail allows you to customize actions while scrolling

Step 1. Open the Gmail app and tap on the three-line icon in the upper left corner to access the options menu. Then scroll the menu to the "Settings" item and touch it.

Access your Gmail settings

Step 2. Go to "General Settings" and then choose the "Actions while sliding" alternative.

Step 3. Note that the options "Swipe Right" and "Swipe Left" will appear. The actions set for the two can be customized by touching "Change." Then the desired behavioral options for the gestures will arise. Tap on the one you want and repeat the process if you want to change the action performed on the swipe to both directions.

In this tutorial, we opted for "Delete" by dragging to the right and by "Mark as read / unread" by sliding to the right.

Choose the action you want in Gmail

Step 4. Ready! Now just tap on the message you want to perform the default action and slide your finger in the corresponding direction.

Sliding move to the right or left of Gmail

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