Cyber ​​Monday: How to know if a price really fell with Visualping

Visualping is the name of a tool that identifies any changes to a site. The feature is ideal for people who want to monitor offers, especially during Black Friday, Cyber ​​Monday and the Christmas shopping season. The platform allows you to use links from online stores to receive alerts when the price of a product changes. Besides the site, the tool also offers a free extension for Chrome, whose operation you will see in the following lines.

To use Visualping, simply enter a valid e-mail and finish the registration. From there, the user starts receiving daily, weekly or monthly alerts about the desired product. The tip can also help consumers identify possible price cheats during store promotion dates.

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Monitoring products with the Chrome extension

Step 1. Access the Visualping extension page and click the "Use in Chrome" button.

Action to prepare the download of the Visualping extension to monitor prices using Chrome

Step 2. Click the "Add Extension" button and wait a few moments until the tool is installed.

Action to download and install the Visualping extension to monitor prices with Chrome

Step 3. Go to the page of a product you want to buy and click the extension icon in the upper right corner of the browser tab.

Action to start the Visualping extension configuration screen to monitor product pricing using Chrome

Step 4. At this point, a print of the screen will appear in a floating window. Under "Set check interval", set the period in which you want to receive alerts about the product. In "Choose Trigger", define whether you want to be notified when there are minor price changes or only when the discount is significant.

Action to configure monitor pricing for the Visualping for Chrome extension

Step 5. Click the "Start Monitoring" button to confirm the alert configuration.

Action to initiate price tracking using the Visualping for Chrome extension

Step 6. You will receive an email message to allow the tool to send price alerts. Go to your inbox and in the body of the message click the "Activate" button.

Email to confirm receipt of changes to the value of a product using the Visualping for Chrome extension

Step 7. The email you used to register the alert will appear on the registration screen. At this point, create a password to access the service and confirm the sending of alerts.

Action to effect a registration to receive price variation alerts for a product using the Visualping extension

Monitoring prices using the Visualping website

Step 1. Copy the URL of the virtual store page where a product is marketed. Then go to the Visualping website and paste the address into the search box.

Action to use the link of a product to monitor prices through the Visualping website

Step 2. To continue, click on the green rectangular button.

Action to insert the page of a product on the Visualping site to monitor price variations

Step 3. The site will present a screenshot of the product sales page. Resize this image by dragging the small white dots at the edges of the selection area.

Screenshot of a product page that will be monitored with the Visualping tool

Step 4. Define the time intervals in which the extension can send alerts about product price changes.

Action to set the amount of alert you want to receive from a product monitored by the Visualping site

Step 5. Enter an email address and click the green button to monitor the product.

Action to confirm the creation of a price monitoring for a product with the Visualping site

Take the tip to be alerted every time an online store changes the price of a certain product.

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