Tô de love no Trem: site helps to find the 'mozão' in public transport

Tô de love no Trem is a free flirt service launched by SuperVia for train passengers in Rio de Janeiro. The company that manages the railway lines in the city, developed a platform similar to Tinder, available on the web. With it, you can add personal information to find people who enjoy the same activities and go to the same train stations.

The functioning of the social dating network is based on the "match" between two profiles, after the combination of tanned. Only then, the chatter between the suitors is released. To use the feature, simply go to the account home page, view the affinity people cards, and use the buttons to interact. According to SuperVia, the platform will be available until June 16.

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Tutorial shows how to use the dating service Tô de love no Trem

Tô de love no Trem lets you define a profile image. In this way, users interested in dating should take safety precautions. Before meeting someone, it is recommended to ask for other profiles on social networks - Facebook and Instagram, for example -, add a phone and talk on messengers like WhatsApp. Meetings should preferably be held in public and busy places. Learn to create a register and use the main functions of Tô de love in the Train with the following tutorial.

Creating an account and setting personal preferences

Step 1. Access Tô de love on the Train on the web (www.todelovenotrem.com.br) and click on the "Where's my crush?" Option;

Go to the home page of Tô de love no Trem to start registering

Step 2. Choose how you want to register on the site. You can use a Facebook account or an email address;

To make an account with the service Tô de love no Trem, the user can use data from Facebook or email

Step 3. Go to the bottom of the page and click "I agree" to agree to the guidelines of the social network;

Accept the terms of use of the Tô de love service on the Train to continue enrollment

Step 4. Add a profile photo, say what gender interest, the age range of interest and mark the preferred places to find a pair;

Set up the profile in the Tô application of love on the Train according to your preferences

Step 5. Also enter the date of birth and tap "Send";

Finish creating a profile on Tô de love on the Train service with your date of birth

Step 6. Choose your favorite music style and click "Next." Preferences will be used to indicate the most compatible profiles;

Respond to music style preferences by creating an account at Tô de love in the Train service

Step 7. Check the type of activity you prefer to have fun and click "Next";

Select the type of activity you prefer when you create an account on Tô de love no Trem

Step 8. Set the ideal environment type for you and click "Next";

The preferred type of environment is one of the combination criteria of Tô de love na Trem

Step 9. Enter the type of food you like and touch "Next";

The preferred type of food is also used by Tô de love in the Train

Step 10. Enter your religiosity and click the "Finish" option to close the registration.

The relationship with religion is one of the questions in the questionnaire required by the service Tô de love no Trem

How to use Tô de Love

Step 1. The service home page displays profiles selected from personal preferences. Below each profile picture, it is possible to enjoy, send messages (only available when the person likes it back) and report profiles;

Interact with people in Tô de love no Trem

Step 2. In addition to the homepage (Where's my crush), the resource has other tabs. In "My chats" are conversations with suitors; "X-ray" indicates where there are more users of the app; and "Stories" shows examples of novels that began on the train;

Tô de amor no Trem suspended menu offers more functions for users

Step 3. By positioning the mouse over the profile photo itself, the site displays the options for editing the data and exiting the platform.

Tô de amor no Trem users can edit their own information and leave the site with options available on the profile icon

Ready. Take the hint to find your crush while using the Rio de Janeiro train system.

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