Deleting or archiving multiple Facebook posts at once

Facebook users rely on a native tool that can delete or archive multiple posts at once. Available only in the web version of the social network, the feature is ideal for anyone wanting to remove posts from the timeline, such as photos with ex-mates or other subjects that are no longer relevant to the profile.

The publisher allows you to browse all posts and select content manually. The procedure only accepts that up to three posts are deleted at the same time. However, you can archive multiple shares with a single action and thus "hide" posts without deleting them. The feature can be used in any Internet browser, such as Chrome or Firefox. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to use the Facebook publisher and do a "cleanup" on the profile.

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See how to archive or delete multiple one-time Facebook posts and customize your feed

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Step 1. Access Facebook and click on your username to access the profile;

Access the Facebook user profile to start the procedure

Step 2. Click the "Manage Publications" button to navigate the tool;

Access the Facebook publishing management tool

Step 3. Select the posts you want to manage. Browse to find published photos and videos and check one at a time. It is worth remembering that only three items can be excluded from each action of the tool;

Select posts, to be deleted or archived, in the Facebook publishing manager

Step 4. When you define all the posts you want to delete or archive, touch "Next";

Advance on procedure with Facebook posts management tool

Step 5. Choose one of the options and go to "Finish";

Decide which action to apply on selected posts with the Facebook post management tool

Step 6. Finally, to confirm the action, press the "Hide publications" button.

Confirm the action chosen in the Facebook post management tool

Ready. Use the tip to take unwanted posts from your Facebook profile.

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