Deleting recent searches on Google from mobile

Google records search terms searched by users on the PC and on Android and iPhone (iOS) phones. This feature, which aims to facilitate the search for content already seen before, can be uncomfortable for users who wish to maintain the privacy of their searches.

However, there is a way to prevent the record from appearing with each new search. To do this, simply delete it by means of a simple procedure on the cell phone. The action deletes the history search from any device connected to the Google account in question. Here's how to delete your recent searches on Google from your smartphone.

Tutorial shows how to use a cell phone to delete search terms on Google

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Step 1. Open your mobile web browser and go to the Google page, as shown in the procedure below.

Action to access Google page via mobile

Step 2. Make sure your Google account is logged in. Your avatar should appear in the upper right corner of the screen. Tap the search bar to see the terms used in recent searches. If you want to delete one of them, touch the "X" icon on the left side of each term.

Action to check the recent history of Google searches on mobile

Step 3. To end the procedure, tap the "Delete" option.

Action to delete a search term on Google's mobile phone

The action ensures that the term will be permanently deleted from your Google account registration on all connected devices.

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