Did you close Chrome and lose everything? Retrieve text you entered and did not save

Typio is a free extension for Chrome that saves everything the user types in the Google browser for seven days. The function is useful for who usually closes the window without wanting ends up losing what was being written. The app also helps recover data in case of crash - Chrome's native function only reopens the tabs, but does not save the contents of the text fields. The information is recorded locally on your PC and is not sent to the cloud.

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Check out the tutorial below how to install and use the main features of the Typio extension in Chrome. The procedure was performed in the browser version for macOS, but the tips are also valid for users of Windows PCs.

Learn to use the Typio extension to avoid losing text in Google Chrome

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Step 1. Access the Typio extension download page. Select "Use in Chrome" and confirm the installation in "Add extension";

Install the extension in your browser

Step 2. After installing the extension, the Typio icon will be added to the right of the Chrome address bar. Click on it to enable or disable saving of data on the page you are visiting. This is useful to prevent the application from registering your conversations on sites such as Facebook and WhatsApp Web;

Enabling or disabling feature on specific sites

Step 3. Afterwards, after an accidental closing or locking, to recover the text of a field, right-click on it, go to "Typio Form Recovery" and select "Recover this field";

Recovering typed text

Step 4. Now, choose from the menu the text you want to retrieve. To see all the options, click on "Browse all entries";

Select the desired text

Step 5. In the left column, select the text you want to retrieve. On the right, you can click "Copy to clipboard" to copy or "Restore just this" to restore the text in the field. After seven days the history will be removed automatically, but you can delete something immediately in "Delete entry".

Viewing full history

Ready! With these tips, you'll never again lose what you typed in Chrome by closing the browser accidentally or in case of PC crashes.

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