Disabling Face Recognition for Facebook on Mobile

Facebook's new facial recognition system began to be released in Brazil. The app now warns the user when it appears in photos and videos posted by others, even though it has not been marked in the post. Previously, the recognition mechanism only suggested which friends to tag in the photos. The change gives the user greater control over the image itself, preventing unknowns from creating a fake profile with their photo, for example.

The technology also makes it easy to locate content where your face is displayed and promises to assist the visually impaired to identify the people who are in your photos and movies. Despite the alleged advantages, the function may not please everyone. In these cases, you can turn Facebook face recognition off in a few steps. The following procedure was performed on Android, but the tool is also present for iPhone (iOS) and web version.

Here's how to turn Facebook off on Facebook

How to uninstall the Facebook app and continue using the social network

Step 1. Open Facebook and enter the main menu. Scroll down to "Help and Settings" and select "Account Settings".

Path to Facebook account settings for Android

Step 2. Verify that "Face Recognition Settings" appears and tap on it. Touch the question "Do you want Facebook to recognize you in photos and videos?", Which will be set to "Yes" by default.

Facebook Face Recognition settings menu on Android

Step 3. To disable face recognition, check "No". Tap the arrow at the top of the page to go back to the previous screens. From now on, Facebook will not recognize you in third-party videos and photos.

Disabling Facebook Face Recognition on Android

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