Disabling Tinder Online notifications on your computer

Tinder, the famous network of relationships, allows you to access the account on your computer using the browser. In the web version, there are also notifications that notify you about receiving private messages, a new match or even the Flirting Super Likes.

However, many users may find the alerts cumbersome and unobtrusive, as they pop up as pop-ups on the screen. To use Tinder Online more quietly, a practical solution is to disable these warnings. This can be done with a few clicks and in a personalized way, choosing which items to turn off or keep. See all the step-by-step tips in this tutorial.

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What Tinder Works

Step 1. Access the Tinder Online website and log in to your account, using your mobile number or Facebook;

Log in to Tinder from your computer

Step 2. On the chat and flirt cards screen, access your personal profile by clicking the button with your photo, on the top left;

Access your Tinder Online profile

Step 3. Scroll down the side menu of your profile until you find the "Notifications" item. Note that there are options to activate alerts (key in pink) or disable (gray key) the items: "New Matches", "Messages", "Message Tessels" and "Super Likes". If you prefer, you can turn everything off by keeping the keys gray. The changes are saved automatically in Tinder Online.

Turn off Tinder Online notifications on your computer

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