DotA 2: How to play Dota Auto Chess, what is Steam fever?

DotA 2 has received the Dota Auto Chess mod, available for free download on Steam, where players can face in a faster and strategic battle style. Simply select units of the game and move them to the board, where they will face the teams chosen by other players. Have not tried the novelty yet? Check out:

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Step 1. Access Steam, click the Community tab and select Workshop. In the search bar, search for Dota 2;

DotA 2: How to play Dota Auto Chess, what is Steam fever?

Step 2. On the Dota 2 page, use the search field to search for Auto Chess. Press enter to proceed;

Search for Auto Chess at the Dota 2 Workshop on Steam

Step 3. Select Auto Chess (by ss.waiting) with a click to follow to the mod page;

Step 4. Click the green "Subscribe" button to download Auto Chess. If you have the game open on your computer, close it and then open it again. If you do not already have Dota 2 installed on your PC, just download it for free, and Auto Chess will be installed automatically;

Click to download Auto Chess for Dota 2

Step 5. After installing Auto Chess, open Dota 2 on your PC and click on the "Game Room" tab to check the alternate modes. Find the Dota Auto Chess in the list and click "Play";

Click play to start a game of Dota Auto Chess

Step 6. In the game you have gold points to buy pieces to fight for your team. Each round, buy new parts to make your team more efficient;

Buy parts for your Dota Auto Chess board

Step 7. To use the units, click on them, hold the Q key and move them to the board. You have a limited number of pieces per move (you can check it out in the Chess option at the top of the screen);

Move your units to the Dota Auto Chess board using the Q

Step 8. After the parts placement phase, you will be paired with one of the opponents of the game, and your teams will face each other automatically. You can use items from your inventory in the characters to ensure attack enhancements, life recovery, and other effects.

Battle with opponents using your Dota Auto Chess piece team

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