Download the best maps to train movement in CS: GO

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO) requires different player abilities. To improve movement, for example, users can use training maps created by the game's own community. Moving in CS: GO is complex and involves principles such as long jump, air strafe, bunny hop and others. For this, there are bhop, climbing (known as kz), surfing and teaching shortcuts or how to climb in certain places of the competitive scenarios. The following tutorial teaches you how to download these maps for training. In addition, he listed some of the best maps for this type of practice.

Coldzera Mira: See CS Athlete Crosshair Settings: GO

Step 1. Go to the "Steam Workshop". On Steam, right-click the CS: GO and select the "Community Central" option;

Open the central of the community by the CS shortcut: GO on Steam

Step 2. On the next page, go to the "Workshop" tab;

Browse the workshop flap

Step 3. For the tutorial, the map Jumps Training, created by user whiskeyo 'will be used. To do so, on the workshop page, search for "Jumps Training" and the map will be shown, as in the image below;

training "

Step 4. Click on the map thumbnail to open the map description page. Here, select the "Subscribe" option and the map will be downloaded immediately;

Subscribe to the map to download it

Step 5. After the download, start CS: GO and click "Play" in the main track;

Start the game and search for a match

Step 6. In the starting type, click on "Workshop Maps" and select the downloaded map, which will already be in the list of maps;

Select the "workshop maps" mode and the map you want to open

Step 7. Click "Ok" and then "Done" in the next window;

After clicking "ready", the game will load the map

Once this is done, the game will load the map and you will be able to train in Jumps Training. This map brings together some of the top locations from the CS: GO competitive maps where the player can climb, such as the famous jump to the tree region on the Cobblestone map. It is important to note that some of these maps automatically configure the game and these settings remain even after leaving the map. To restore the settings, you must restart the game.

One of the levels of training is the famous jump to the Cobblestone tree

Some of the top drive training maps you can find in the Steam Workshop are:

  • Shortcuts - Cache (by Yesber) - map that teaches some shortcuts on the map Cache;
  • Shortcuts - by the same creator of the previous map, this map addresses the shortcuts of Hell;
  • Shortcuts- Mirage (by Yesber) - third and current latest map of Yesber, which teaches shortcuts to the Mirage map;
  • Maps of type kz - any map with the prefix kz will serve. In this type of map, the goal is to reach a final position after going through numerous obstacles that involve advanced movement, such as bunny hops, air strafes, crouch jumps, etc .;
  • Surf Maps - When searching for "surf" in the workshop, the player will come across large maps, where the goal is to pick up speed and go through obstacles at high speed. Although this type of situation does not occur in the competitive, it is a good way to train air control within the game;
  • Maps of the type bhop - bhop, or bunny hop, are the maps that the player must use of the mechanics of the bunny hop, which consists of obtaining high speeds by means of consecutive jumps, to cross the map. The mastery of the technique in CS: GO is very useful for some early round whaling, for example, where the player must first reach the enemy in a certain area.

Maps of kz, bhop, and surf often require special custom settings to run, so it is more practical to search for servers that are already configured. This can be done by browsing the community servers and searching for the terms "kz", "bhop" and "surf".

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