Downloading videos from YouTube and other sites with xVideoServiceThief

XVideoServiceThief is a free tool to download videos from the Internet. The platform works with several services, including YouTube, Vimeo and MySpace, as well as adult content sites. With free advertising interface, the program is a great option for those who want to download videos in a simple and fast.

Although it has no recent update, xVST runs steadily even on newer versions of Windows, Mac and Linux. Check out the following tutorial how to download your favorite videos to watch at any time, even without the Internet.

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Step 1. Install xVideoServiceThief on your computer. When you open it for the first time, the open source software will display a message for donation. Check "Do not display this message again" and press the "Close" button;

XVideoServiceThief first screen after installation

Step 2. xVideoServiceThief gives access to adult sites, such as Xvideos. If you do not want this type of content to be available, select the "Yes, I'm sure about my decision" box and then tick the "Disable adult sites" button. Otherwise, press "Continue";

Disabling access to adult sites in xVideoServiceThief

Step 3. xVideoServiceThief saves downloaded videos in the "xVST" folder by default. If you want to change the destination location, select the three dots at the bottom of the window and choose the destination folder you want. Then press the "Add video" button in the right column to start the download process;

Buttons indication to change download folder and include video that will be downloaded from YouTube

Step 4. Enter YouTube or another page with the video you want to download, copy the URL and paste it into the field indicated with the arrow. Select "OK" to start downloading;

Insertion of Internet video URLs that will be downloaded by xVideoServiceThief

Step 5. The download will start immediately. On the main screen, xVideoServiceThief will show the video description, file size, tempo, approximate delay time and speed. When the "Progress" field displays the "Completed" message, the download is complete. Then just double click on the field to start playing the video already on your computer;

Downloaded Internet video made with xVideoServiceThief completed

Step 6. Ready, the video is saved on your computer and can be viewed anytime, even without the Internet.

Video downloaded from the Internet with xVideoServiceThief being played on PC

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