DramaFever is over: how to use Viki, alternative to watch the Doramas

DramaFever is over, according to a warning posted on the site's home page since Tuesday (16). The on-demand video streaming service stuffed with Korean, Chinese and Japanese dramas is offline by decision of Warner Bros, owner of the platform. The company stated that the measure was taken for commercial reasons and that it will refund the value of the signatures in the applicable cases.

The service ran for nine years and in that time brought together a large legion of fans. Now that DramaFever has closed, many users do not know where to watch the South Korean series and Doramas. One of the alternatives is Viki, a free app available for Android and iPhone (iOS). Below, TechTudo teaches you how to use the app on your mobile phone to watch Eastern TV shows like Devilish Joy and Terius Behind Me.

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Here's how to watch Korean series and doramas in Viki, free app for iOS and Android

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Step 1. Open the Viki page, select the operating system and press the "Download" button. Then complete the installation procedure according to the corresponding app store (App Store or Google Play Store). This tutorial was made with a Moto G5S Plus smartphone running Android 8.1 Oreo;

Viki app download page on

Step 2. Open Viki and tap the "Sign in now" link. The procedure is not required to use the app, but is required to save the display history and therefore recommended. Then select the "I agree to the terms of use" checkbox and choose a login method - in this example, we have concluded registration with Facebook;

Login to the Viki app using Facebook credentials

Step 3. Slide across the highlight bar at the top of the screen to access content by country. If you want to filter the results, touch the "Filters" button and mark the desired criteria. In the image below, we chose to search only the programs and TV series;

Applying filters to videos from the Viki streaming app

Step 4. Tap on other filter categories and select more criteria if you want. When you're done, tap the check button in the upper right corner of the screen to display the results with applied filters - note that the "Filters" button now shows the number of criteria selected. Slide the screen until you find the content you want, and when it does, select it;

Korean TV series selection after applying filters in Viki

Step 5. To start watching the video, just touch the "Play" button. Viki will immediately display the following episodes at the bottom of the screen. In the screenshot, the app locks the video, leaving the image black;

Video streaming in Viki streaming service

Step 6. Turn the phone horizontally to watch the program in full screen. Like other streaming services, Viki lets you perform actions like pause, share, mirror screen on another device, forward and rewind playback.

On the gear button you can turn subtitles on or off, change the look of text, change the language and tweak the video resolution, among other settings;

Viki full-screen video display on Android phone

Step 7. To find a specific series or movie, open the "Search" tab, enter the name of the program and select the result in the suggestions box;

Video location in Viki via text search tool

Step 8. When you find the content, play the video or open the "Information", "Videos", "Critics" and "Discussions" sections to see more details about the video.

Viki tabs with information and extra content about dorama

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