Dream League Soccer 2019: check out tips to get it right in the game

Dream League Soccer 2019 is the new version of the free soccer game for Android and iPhone (iOS). The First Touch title is one of the most popular of the smartphone genre, and is packed with options. Starting your journey now in the game? Check out our tips to get it right on DLS 19.

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Manually dial

Instead of simply holding the B button and waiting for your defender to run behind the opponent, move it manually with the directional key and then press the stolen button to disarm the opponent. This way you will cover the spaces of the field more appropriately, and will make life difficult for the rivals.

Defend yourself manually in Dream League Soccer 2019

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Hire new players

After each match played, you receive amounts of coins, which can be used to hire new players for your team. Be sure to invest in key positions as an attacker and defender to make your team stronger and more dangerous. Use the filters on the right side of the screen to find athletes that cost little.

Reinforce your team with new players in Dream League Soccer 2019

Change your tactic

The standard formation of all teams in Dream League Soccer 2019 is 4-4-2, but the tactic is far from being the most efficient in the game. Make sure you change the position of your players in the team management menu to better fit your new hires and make the team more aggressive or defensive.

Change your team's game style in Dream League 2019

Direct your submissions

Even with Dream League Soccer 2019 target assists, finishing can be quite tricky as you will get much better results when you can direct your kicks. Move the analog gently to one of the diagonals to move the opposing goalkeeper and hit the corners.

Attention to direct your finalizations in Dream League Soccer 2019

Get bonus coins

Need more money to hire a killer for your team? At the end of some games you can watch promotional videos to win coin packs, which greatly accelerate your profit in the game. The advertisements do not last more than 15 seconds, and can help you accumulate currencies faster.

Earn more coins by watching videos in Dream League Soccer 2019

Enjoy your chances on the standing balls

Foul scores are among the most effective way to score goals in Dream League Soccer 2019. Whenever you have dangerous opportunities, select your best batter and use medium-power kicks to get past the barrier and hit the corners of the opponent's goalkeeper. In less frontal positions, side passes can also make good plays.

Fouls are important opportunities to score in Dream League 2019

Set the camera distance

To get a broader view of the lawn, its players and the position of rivals, increase the camera's distance to 100%. That way it will be easier to have control over everything that is happening on the pitch, and take advantage of situations to score goals.

Set the camera distance in Dream League Soccer 2019

Complete the objectives

Dream League Soccer 2019 features a goal system that rewards players with small bundles of coins for completing assignments, such as winning matches, scoring a certain number of goals and finishing tournaments. Keep an eye on the missions and remember to complete them.

Fulfill your goals to win bonus money on Dream League 2019

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