e-Title: How to obtain the certificate of electoral crimes by mobile phone

The e-Title app can issue a certificate of election crime by mobile phone. The document is a quick way of verifying some conviction linked to the voter's title and is listed in the list of documents required when taking office. In addition, offenses such as this, with deprivation of liberty, also enter as an impediment to candidacies, in accordance with the Clean Sheet Act.

According to the Federal Government, electoral crimes are those committed by candidates and voters at any stage of an election. Among the main illegal acts are active electoral corruption, use of violence and coercion to vote, abandonment of the electoral service and other frauds and actions that could hinder the progress of an election.

To learn how to view, save on your cell phone, or share your voter registration certificate, check out the next step for iPhone (iOS) and Android.

Tutorial shows how to issue an Election Crime Certificate using the free e-Title app

How to use the Voter e-Title on the mobile

Step 1. Open the application and tap the "Criminal Certificate" option. Wait a few moments until the document is generated. After checking the criminal status of your title, touch the "+" icon.

Action to issue an Election Crime Certificate with the e-Title app

Step 2. You can choose to save and share the document. In this example, we'll use the "Share" option. That done, options to send the certificate by email, social networking, messaging, create PDF and send to a printer will be displayed on the screen. Select the action that best suits you to complete the process.

Actions to save and share a Certificate of Election Crime in the e-Title app

Use the tip to find out if you are up to date on electoral misconduct.

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