Editing prints with ScreenMaster

ScreenMaster lets you edit screen prints of your phone with a number of useful tools such as cropping, blur and adding text, stickers, arrows and geometric shapes - all without losing image definition. The app is useful for modifying a screenshot, either to highlight or hide some aspect, as well as to send it to friends.

Free, the application is only available for Android phones. Here's how to use the main ScreenMaster functions. The procedures were performed on a Xiaomi Mi A1 with Android O (8.0).

ScreenMaster: app allows editing screenshots

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Step 1. Open ScreenMaster and touch "Mark Photo" to choose an image from the gallery of your phone.

Choose an image to start editing

Step 2. With an open print in the application, you will see five editing options. The first is "Cut". Select it to crop and reshape the image. Use the frame that will pop up around the screenshot to adjust the framing and the size you want.

Function lets you cut the prints

Step 3. You can also access the "Shape" option to change the print format. In this section, use the controls to choose the aspect ratio and the format, as well as rotate or mirror the image. Confirm with the button in the lower right corner when you reach the desired result.

Select the area to be trimmed and confirm

Step 4. The next option is "Text", to write something about the image.When selecting it, a text box will appear in the middle of the screen.Touch to type whatever you want.If necessary, drag the box to reposition it, over there.

User can add texts

Step 5. Use the controls to adjust the text. You can change the size, formatting (such as bold, italic, and underline) and colors. The app lets you add background, outline and shadow. Please confirm when you are satisfied.

Format the text as you wish

Step 6. Some emojis are available in the "Adhesive" section. You can choose the "Basics" tab, which has simple signs and symbols, or "Emotions", which offers the most common faces. Just click on the desired sticker and adjust its size and position in the green canister around it. When done, confirm.

Another feature is the addition of adhesives

Step 7. If you want to hide some part of the print, use the "Mosaic" function. You can pixelate the image or apply a blur effect, which blurs the chosen area. The app allows you to select a rectangular shape area or the freehand application.

Use blur or pixelation effects to hide parts

Step 8. Use the button with a drop to decide the intensity of the blur or pixels, and the button with a circle to adjust the size of the brush. Confirm editing.

To adjust effects, use the controls in the Mosaic section

Step 9. Finally, with the "Drawing" feature, the user can draw freehand and add arrows, rectangles and circles. You can still highlight a circular area with a magnifying glass effect, which increases the selected part.

Tool allows freehand drawing

Step 10. To change the size, opacity, and color of lines, use the first panel button. Confirm when finished.

You can also insert arrows, rectangles and circles

Step 11. When you have finished editing a screenshot, click "Next" in the upper right corner. In a few seconds, the app will render the new image and offer you several options. Tap the "Save" button to save the edited print to your smartphone gallery, or choose other options to share with other apps and social networks.

When you finish editing, save or share the image

Step 8. Another feature present in ScreenMaster is the union of two or more images. Back to the app home screen, go to "Sew Photo". Then select the prints or photos you want, in order, and click "Apply."

Another feature of the app is to make collages

Step 9. The software will stack the images by making a paste. Use the "Sort" and "Add" buttons to rearrange the assembly or add some more image. When done, go to "Save". Just as in the previous step, you can store and share the new image.

Save or share the mount

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