Eight most popular photo effects on Instagram; see how to use them

Photos for Instagram can be more beautiful and stylish with the use of special filters that change color, lighting and give special effects in the figures. Some of the most used effects at the moment transform the images into vintage photographs, polaroid photos or 3D drawing, in addition to the classic black and white and photo drawn.

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Check out the list below for the most popular photo effects on Instagram. To use the features in his posts, he has also indicated free applications for Android or iPhone (iOS) that are ideal for editing.

Use filters and special effects to make Instagram photos more beautiful

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1. Clarendon

Clarendon filter is the most used in Instagram in the world

According to a study published on Canva's website, the native Instagram filter most used by users around the world is Clarendon. The effect illuminates the photo, enhances and intensifies the shadows of the predominant color in the image. To use, just select from the Instagram's own filters, during the editing done before publishing the figure.

2. Vintage effect

HujiCam applies analog photo effects to mobile

One of the effects of photos most used by celebrities is vintage, which can be applied with the HujiCam app. The application leaves the photo in a retro style, as if it had been captured with an old camera, with deliberate defects of light exposure and high saturation. The photos also display a fake capture date marking the year 1998. The application layout is similar to an analog camera with a small display on the screen of the phone. To use, just touch the main button, and to see the photos, you need to select the "Lab" button.

3. B & W Effect

Lightroom for mobile lets you leave the photo in various levels of black and white

This classic effect can be applied in Instagram itself or in other mobile editing applications, such as Adobe Lightroom. To use, select the photo in the gallery and during editing, go to the "Color" tab to adjust the vibration and saturation levels of the photo as you want until you find the desired black and white tone. You can also change the light and contrast to change the intensity of the effect.

4. Drawing Effect

Prisma application transforms photos into drawings or works of art

One of the most famous applications for turning photos into drawings is Prisma. With the app, you can apply multiple free filters to snapshot or uploaded photos from the gallery. The available effects leave the photo as caricatures, drawings with fine lines, works of art, among other options. To use, just choose the photo and select the filter on the carousel. At the end, the user can still change features like lighting, contrast and brightness of the photo.

5. Granulated effect

Grain Cam leaves grainy photos common in old photos

Posting grainy photos, as if they were of low quality, is also high among the famous Instagram profiles, and the Grain Cam app performs well. After capturing photos with the app, you can select the desired grain level and make other small edits, such as increasing or decreasing the brightness of the photo.

6. Bokeh effect (or portrait mode)

Lightroom App for Mobile Creates Bokeh Effect on Pictures, Similar to iPhones' Portrait Mode

The bokeh effect highlights the object that is in the foreground in the photo and blurs the background landscape, creating a very beautiful aesthetic effect. This format is created with professional cameras, but some applications can simulate this effect, such as PicsArt. Using the eraser tool and applying blur filters, you can create the bokeh effect, or portrait mode, on your phone and publish to Instagram.

7. 3D Photo Effect

PicsArt app can give 3D effect to photos from mobile

PicsArt also leaves the photo with 3D effect. To do this, simply select the effect library "Pop Art", and then choose the "Glitch" option. The photo will receive overlapping layers with shades of blue and red that simulate a three-dimensional image. You can change the filter strength and change the colors.

8. Polaroid Effect

App Instants turns photos into polaroids

The Instants app is ideal for creating a polaroid style photo on your phone. The user can capture photos on the fly or upload files from the gallery. Then you can choose from several Polaroid styles, with different card height and color options. At the end, the user can write a sentence with handwritten font to save the photo as if it were a souvenir.

Via Canva

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