Eight Unknown LinkedIn Roles on Mobile

LinkedIn has been gaining new roles regularly since it was acquired by Microsoft. In July, the social network application available for Android and iPhone (iOS) debuted changes in the integrated messenger, feed and profile. The app allows, among other things, save drafts, send attachments, create groups, use filters and send voice messages.

See eight little-known News from Linkedin to expand the possibilities of communication on the platform and improve the interaction with your network of professional contacts. The tips were played on a Galaxy S8 running Android 8 Oreo.

See eight tricks to get the most from the LinkedIn mobile app

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Share snippets of articles

Step 1. The LinkedIn app allows you to easily share excerpts from texts published in the platform articles tool. Find a content of type by the radius icon next to the title. When you open the material within the app, select an excerpt from the text to see a quick share button on LinkedIn.

Open a LinkedIn article and mark a snippet to share

Step 2. The app adds the snippet in the post description and includes a thumbnail with the link to the original content. With a side scroll, content can be sent per message.

Share the snippet in the feed or per message from LinkedIn

Save draft

In the latest version of the LinkedIn application, you can start typing a post and save to finish later. Start typing the text, add links and arrobas, and tap the "x" to go back. The app will display the "Save" button to save the draft for later. When you access the posting tool again, the unfinished content will be intact.

Save LinkedIn posts as a draft to end later

Translate feed content

LinkedIn uses Bing's translation service to translate posts with a touch of the feed. In publications in other languages, use the "View translation" option to generate the Portuguese text just below.

Translate foreign texts in the LinkedIn feed

Send attachments per message

Step 1. The application has recently been allowed to share files in conversations, making it easy to send resumes to recruiters. Use the document shortcut to open the mobile file manager and select documents in .pdf, .doc, .xls, and .pptx formats. Videos, pictures or compressed files are not supported. The file gains an icon in the conversation and can be opened by chat members with a tap.

Send attachments to LinkedIn messages

Mention contacts with @

On the message screen, use the at sign button to mention others in a LinkedIn message. This feature is useful for recommending a colleague to someone without having to manually link the profile. The mentioned contacts do not receive notifications with the content of the chat.

Use the mention tool to link profiles to posts on LinkedIn

Share profile with QR code

In the absence of a printed business card, LinkedIn can serve to exchange professional contacts face-to-face. The application comes with a QR code reader that allows you to connect to another person on the social network immediately. Simply touch the symbol at the top of the home screen and read the contact's code. Your personal sharing code is available on a separate tab in the same menu.

Read codes and share your LinkedIn profile physically

Create group chat

Group chats have been around for a while now on LinkedIn, but only recently has the platform released a simpler way of creating them on the mobile. In the message menu, tap the "plus" button and select "Write group message". Then mark the members and write the content of the first message to start the conversation.

Quickly create a group on LinkedIn

Apply filters to profile photo

Step 1. LinkedIn has an integrated image editor that lets you apply filters to your profile photo. Access the profile and touch the photo to open the editor.

Open profile photo editor on LinkedIn

Step 2. The pencil-shaped button enables the modification tools. Select one of the available filters to enhance the image that stands out on your LinkedIn page.

Apply filters on your LinkedIn profile photo

Send voice messages

The application now allows users to send voice messages in their conversations. On the message screen, click the microphone icon, tap and hold the microphone that appears in the center, and record the audio. To order, just release your finger from the screen. If you want to erase the voice message before sending, slide your finger away from the microphone while pressing the screen.

LinkedIn now allows you to send voice messages

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