Eight useful and little-known Google Drive features

Google Drive and cloud-connected online office tools have little-known features that can increase user productivity and make your life easier. Services like Google Docs, Google Sheets and Google Slides provide functions that allow you to facilitate daily tasks, allowing you to find PDFs using text search, translate documents, generate QR Code and link different slide shows. Here are eight "hidden" features of the Google platform.

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Eight useful and little-known Google Drive features

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1. Find PDF by text in search

Google Drive scans the texts of the documents in PDF, so that they can be found through the textual search tool. To do this, enter in the "Search in Drive" field any word or term present in the pages of the desired PDF. The results will be flagged with the file format.

Google Drive allows you to find PDFs by searching text

2. Add typographic fonts to Google Docs

Google Docs lets you add new fonts to use in your texts. The service provides more than 800 typographic styles that are not available by default in the editor.

Step 1. Access the "Source" field and select the "More Fonts" option;

Google Docs allows you to add new fonts to use in texts

Step 2. Choose the desired source from the list options and exit the "OK" button.

Google Docs provides over 800 typographic fonts for use

3. Translate documents

You can translate full documents into multiple languages ​​directly into Google Docs. After the translation, a new document will be created with the text in the new language.

Step 1. Access the "Tools" tab, and then go to the "Translate document ..." option;

Translating a document into Google Docs

Step 2. Create a title for the new file, select the language to which the text will be translated, and end by pressing the "Translate" button.

Google Docs translates complete documents into multiple languages

4. Add charts from Google Sheets

You can import graphics from Google Sheets to Google Docs, including a link to the original file. You can scale it as you want to fit the page and text format.

Step 1. Access the "Insert" tab, then "Chart" and then check "From Sheets ...";

Importing a chart from Google Sheets to a Google Docs document

Step 2. Choose the file that contains the desired graphic and press the "Select" button;

Selecting a Google Sheets document for use in Google Docs

Step 3. Finally, choose the graphic and press "Import".

Selecting a Google Sheets chart to send it to Google Docs

5. Generate QR Code in Google Spreadsheets

Google Spreadsheets allows you to create QR Codes that are targeted to a specific worksheet cell. When it is read, the QR Code will show the contents of the cell informed.

Step 1. In an empty cell, enter the following code:

  • = IMAGE ("// chart.googleapis.com/chart?chs=200x200&cht=qr&chl="& CELL &" ")

In the highlighted field "CELL", include the cell reference that will have its content revealed by the QR Code. In the example below, the reference used was "B4". Note that the QR Code will appear immediately on the worksheet.

Creating a QR Code in Google Sheets

6. Receive email notification of changes to the document

Google Docs has an option that allows the user to receive e-mail notifications if any changes are made to the spreadsheets. The feature is useful for controlling shared files.

Step 1. Access the "Tools" tab and then go to "Notification Rules ...";

Enabling notifications for changes in Google Sheets

Step 2. Determine whether notifications will be sent to each change, or enable sending a daily report. Finish with the "Save" button.

Google Spreadsheet sends email notifications notifying you of changes to the document

7. Change the mouse cursor during presentations

Google Slides lets you change the traditional mouse cursor and insert a laser effect to point the slides information during a slideshow.

During a full-screen presentation, touch the "Pointer" icon in the bottom menu to activate the laser. To return to the normal cursor, simply touch the button again.

Google presentations may have laser effect to point information on the screen

8. Link different slides

The tool allows you to insert links to other slides that are in your presentation, making it easier to open previous information without having to search the content between pages.

Step 1. Select the word or term that will serve as a link and click with the right mouse button. Then choose the "Link" option;

Google presentations may have links directed to other slides

Step 2. In the "Link" field, select the "Slides in this presentation" option and inform the desired page. Finish the setting in "Apply."

You can create links to any slide from your Google presentation

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