Electoral Cola: how to do and print yours in voting order

To take an electoral glue with the numbers of the candidates (already in the order of voting) avoids upheavals at the time of voting October 7. The "holy" must be printed, as the use of cell phones in the booth of the urn is not allowed. For the 2018 Elections, voters also need to carry a photo identification document, such as RG or CNH. Altogether there are six candidates: federal and state deputies, two senators, governor and president (in this order); and the polling stations will be open from 8 am to 5 pm, according to Brasília time.

Learn how to assemble and print a glue to vote during the 2018 Elections, from the following tutorial. The procedure was performed in Word by the PC, but the tips are valid for any text editor for Windows or MacOS.

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Learn to create a glue in Word for use in the 2018 Elections

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Step 1. Copy the following text. The order is already in accordance with the voting sequence in the electronic ballot box;

  • Federal Deputy: 0000 [4 digits] - Name: XXX
  • State Representative: 00000 [5 digits] - Name: XXX
  • First Senator: 000 [3 digits] - Name: XXX
  • 2nd Senator: 000 [3 digits] - Name: XXX
  • Governor: 00 [2 digits] - Name: XXX
  • President: 00 [2 digits] - Name: XXX

Step 2. Paste the text into Word and replace the zeros with the numbers of your candidates and the "XXX" by name;

Paste the text into Word and enter the data of your candidates for the 2018 Election

Step 3. At the source, it is important to use a size that is comfortable to your vision and at the same time small, that can not be seen by other people, to guarantee the secrecy of the vote. Font "Arial" size "12" are usually the most indicated;

Set up a minimally comfortable font for reading

Step 4. Depos, go to the "File" menu and click "Print" - or use the shortcut "Ctrl + P" on the keyboard. Finally, simply cut the glue to the desired size.

Print and cut the glue to be used in the 2018 Elections

Ready. Take the tip to remember the number of your candidates and remember to check the photo that appears on the screen of the ballot box at the time of voting. In case of an error, use the "Correct" key to enter the number again. When all is well, just press "Confirm".

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