Enabling gestures and shortcuts on the Dell notebook's touchpad

Dell notebooks feature the pre-installed Dell Touchpad application, which lets you easily activate and configure the touchpad. The app brings a variety of features to adjust the behavior of the computer's touch surface, including the TouchGuard, which prevents accidental clicks by typing on the keyboard.

The program works as a complement to the touchpad settings available in Windows 10. Learn in the next step how to use the main tool functions in Dell laptops.

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Enabling gestures and shortcuts on the Dell notebook's touchpad

Step 1. Access the touchpad settings through the Dell Touchpad app or the Windows tray component preferences;

Access the Dell notebook touchpad settings

Step 2. The TouchGuard function is on the home screen. Turn on the feature to prevent accidental clicks and move the bar to set the sensitivity;

Activate the TouchGuard function to prevent accidental clicks

Step 3. In the application start screen you can also disable the touchpad. Then go to the "Tap" menu;

Step 4. Turn on the feature displayed on the image to turn on the touchpad automatically with a zigzag gesture. Thus, the touchpad can be turned off when using a mouse, but at the same time always be available when needed;

Dell Touchpad can be activated automatically with a zig-zag movement

Step 5. In the "Buttons" menu, define the behavior of the physical keys of the touchpad. The menu allows you to invert the main click from left to right and select other shortcuts for the secondary click;

Set the function of the touchpad buttons

Step 6. In the "Gestures" menu, activate the "Rotate" function to manipulate objects through the touch pad of the Dell notebook;

Enable rotating objects with your fingers on the touchpad

Step 7. For more gesture options, go to the "Multi-finger movements" menu;

Access the advanced gesture menu

Step 8. The "Theft" option is disabled by default, although it is one of the most interesting. When you turn on the feature, you can slide on the touchpad with four fingers to navigate between Windows 10 notebook desktops - the function mimics similar behavior in MacBooks;

Step 9. Finally, access the list of options in "Quick Opening" to decide the action to be performed when touching the touchpad with three fingers at the same time. By default, the feature opens the Cortana wizard.

Set the app or feature on by tapping the touchpad with three fingers

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