Enem 2018: How to check the test location and the in-app verification card

The race venue and the Enem 2018 confirmation card are available in the official application. There are two ways to consult the location of the National High School Exam. TechTudo has already shown how to do this through the Inep website and now shows how to access the candidate's confirmation card for the app available for free download on Android and iPhone (iOS) mobile phones.

All of the information in the student profile on the site also appears on the smartphone service. The primary difference between the two platforms is that there is no option to print the confirmation card by the mobile app, as it is only for consultation.

Enem 2018: Learn apps that help you study for testing on your mobile phone

Enem 2018: how to check the location of the event and the confirmation card

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Step 1. From the cell phone, go to the page of the Enem 2018 in, choose your platform and click the "Download" button. The app page will open directly for you to download, whether on Android or iOS;

Download the official Inep app

Step 2. After the download, open the official Enem 2018 app and note all the options it offers. Touch the blue button to move forward or "Jump" to jump to the main screen;

Read the app's instructions

Step 3. Tap the "Login" button and, just like the web version, enter your CPF and password to access your data. Press "Enter";

Log in to Enem 2018

Step 4. Now, touch the option "Confirmation card" and consult your place of proof;

Open the confirmation card

Step 5. The student can still touch the "Instructions" option to learn more about daylight saving time. Tap the "Obligations of participants" button to understand what you can and can not do on the day of the race.

Access the instructions for the race day

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