Enem 2018: how to download all the official proofs and answers

The feedback of Enem was announced by the National Institute of Studies and Educational Research Anísio Teixeira (Inep) on Wednesday (14). Proof and answers can be downloaded or accessed by anyone, including those who did not take the test. The individual result of each participant will be announced only on January 18, 2019, on the Participant Page and the Enem 2018 application.

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In the following tutorial, find out where to find and how to download the official Enem 2018 templates and the blue, yellow, white, pink, orange and green proofs. The files are in PDF format and you should have no trouble opening them in any browser.

See how to download official Enem 2018 proofs and templates

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Step 1. Go to the Enem website (enem.inep.gov.br) and press the "Check in after the test" button;

Accessing the Enem 2018 template

Step 2. Now click on the color of your test to download the questions and the official feedback. Note that the content is divided into first day (4/11) and second day (11/11).

Downloading official proofs and templates

If you can not access the template, try using a different browser or PC. If you have accessed the Enem site in the last few days, it may be that the old version of the site is saved in the computer cache.

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