Entering and Updating the BIOS of an HP Notebook PC

Changing the BIOS of the HP notebook is very important for the components to function properly. An outdated version of the program may cause the laptop to not recognize its own battery or keyboard, for example, in addition to performance degradation. Just because you have an important role on the computer, updating the BIOS requires caution.

The procedure lasts only a few minutes, but in the event of a power outage, the chip may permanently corrupt the data, leaving the device unusable. To avoid this, all steps in this tutorial should be done with the notebook battery 100% charged and with the device plugged into the wall outlet. With these precautions, follow the guidelines on how to update the BIOS of an HP notebook and access its interface.

How to get into the BIOS setup of an HP notebook

Learn how to enter and update the BIOS of an HP notebook

Step 1. Before you begin, have the model number of your HP notebook. You can find this information at the bottom of the device or in the "System Information" window - to access it, type "system information" in the Windows search field and click on the item that appears. In this example, we use the Ultrabook HP Pavilion 14-b060br;

HP Notebook Model Number

Step 2. In the System Information window - same as previously opened - check the current BIOS version and the processor. Only the computer model will be used step-by-step, but it is best to also note the BIOS version and the processor as a precaution;

BIOS and processor version highlighted in system info window

Step 3. Access the HP drivers and software download page. Enter the template in the text box and click "Find";

Inserting the template on the HP drivers and software download page

Step 4. The HP website will identify your notebook system. If you are downloading from another machine, click "Change" and select the correct version of the computer whose BIOS will be updated. Then expand the "BIOS" option and press the "Download" button to download the file;

Download the updated version of the HP Notebook BIOS

Step 5. The download should last only a few seconds. Before running the installation file, make sure that your notebook's battery is 100% charged. Also, plug it into the power outlet to ensure there will be no power outage while the BIOS is updated;

Notebook should be 100% charged and plugged into the BIOS socket

Step 6. Now, double click on the file to run it. Press "Next" in the installer window and continue until it informs you about rebooting the system. Press "OK" to restart the notebook and update the BIOS in this process.

Installing the HP Notebook BIOS Update

The BIOS for your HP notebook is now up to date. The procedure for how to access the BIOS remains the same: just press "F10" at startup.

How to enter BIOS does not change after update

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