Erase messages received on Google Duo

Duo, Google's calling app, lets you leave a voice or video message to a friend. After viewing, received messages expire and are deleted only after 24 hours - during this period, you can review the message countless times. However, you can manually delete the message if you wish. This is useful for preserving privacy, especially in case of shared phones.

In the step-by-step below, see how to immediately delete the video or audio messages you received on the Google Duo. Illustrations were taken on an Android phone, but the tips are also good for iPhone (iOS) users. The procedure is the same for both video and audio scraps.

Learn how to delete scraps from Google Duo

Sending a video message on Google Duo

Step 1. Open Google Duo and touch the video or audio message you want to delete. Content is in a square format next to your contacts. Then touch the trash can icon in the upper right corner of the screen.

Open the message you want to delete

Step 2. Touch "Delete" to confirm. The video or audio message will be deleted immediately and you will not have to wait for the message to expire.

Confirm the deletion of the message

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