Escape from Tarkov: how to play the ultra-realistic shooting game

Escape from Tarkov is a first person shooter developed by Battlestate Games. The title is unique to PC and impresses by the ultra-realistic physics of weapons and the high level of difficulty. To do well in the game, you must first master the basics and then train more advanced moves. Check out the following tips and tactics to do well in the games of Escape from Tarkov:

Escape from Tarkov: Meet the new FPS that promises to be a phenomenon

Use the immersion in your favor

The ultra-realism of Escape from Tarkov makes it a unique game and demands attention from the player. The game interface does not display markers or visual indicators like in other FPS titles. Even the most experienced player will need many hours of training until he is accustomed to the fact that his ammunition and energy are not indicated all the time on the screen.

There are no visual markers on the screen, so always pay attention

The main objective of the game is to collect items to increase the chances of survival in Tarkov. Therefore, use all the visual and sound elements you can to stay alive and not lose the items you have collected. If it dies, the process will need to be redone. The early hours in Tarkov will be very complicated, but time and experience will help you memorize patterns, maps, traps and challenges naturally.

Deep and different controls

The controls are also a little different than usual, with more possibilities and features than other shooting games. Although the movement is still performed by the WASD keys, it is not possible to survive without mastering the side steps (press ALT and press Q or E) and the spies behind cover (ALT + A or D), essential for discreetly shoot the enemies.

Press ALT on the keyboard to tilt the body sideways

Another control option is to roll the mouse wheel up and down while holding the C key to adjust the height at which the character will crouch and facilitate in the camouflage. If you want to open your inventory, press TAB at any time. To reload your weapons, simply press R, as long as you have ammo enough.

Armed and dangerous

Before starting a mission, you must equip your character with items stored in your safe container. These are items that will not be lost even if you die, so be sure to keep the most important items you can pick up on your journeys in the trunk.

Always have good healing and ammunition items in hand

Although it is possible to start on an armed mission with only a knife, you should always bring ammunition, a pistol and also a backpack to collect and transport the items you find along the way. In addition, healing items such as medical kits and bandages are essential to ensure survival in more tense confrontations.

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Train against CPU

Since Tarkov's difficulty is very high, it is a good idea to train in simulated games against bots controlled by the computer before facing real players. Most of the people on the server add up to tens or hundreds of hours of experience.

Escape from Tarkov: decorate the map to quickly reach exit points

In addition to being great at training the controls, playing against bots does not punish the player with losing items at death, so it pays to spend hours training to lessen frustration. During games, items can be found on both defeated enemies and green boxes.

The importance of scenery and sound

Avoid walking in wide open spaces unless you are sure there are no enemies nearby. Instead, always look for walls and all kinds of cover to protect yourself from ambushes. A good way to perceive the presence of enemies is to play with headphones in order to hear better the sounds of the environment.

Escape from Tarkov: wide open spaces are perfect for ambushes

Watching the sound also allows you to detect shootings between other players. When this happens, try to keep the distance and do not enter the crossfire. Wait for most of the enemies to die, and then take action to kill the few survivors and reap the loot.

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