Excel: How to Use the Concatenate Function

Excel has a configuration called "concatenate" (or "concat" in the most recent versions of the program) that can merge information from multiple cells into just one. The feature is useful for creating variable texts, such as forms and requirements. That way, by changing a name or value in the referenced cell, the phrase will be updated automatically, without the need to edit it.

Check out the following step-by-step how to use the Excel concatenate function. The procedure was done in Office 2016, but the tips also apply to previous versions of the Microsoft productivity suite. As an example, we will reproduce the creation of a simple requirement.

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Step 1. Define the cells that will be used as the data source. In this example, we will use the information in column "B";

Sample column with input data

Step 2. Now in another cell, write the function "= concat (" or "= concatenate" (without quotes). If you want to start the sentence with your own text, you must add quotation marks before the beginning of the excerpt, as shown To enter the first data cell, just enter it in quotation marks and a semicolon (;), as we see in the following image;

The 'concatenate' function requires cells to be inserted in the text between quotation marks and semicolons

Step 3. When done, remember to close the parentheses and the quotation marks at the end of the function. After pressing Enter, in the case of the example, the text will automatically be completed with the data contained in column "B";

Step 4. When making any change in the text or value of the data cells (column "B"), the text of the request will be automatically updated without the need to edit the formula.

Changed data is automatically updated in the application by Excel

Problems solution

According to Microsoft, the most common problems when using the concatenate function are quotation marks appearing in the result, mixed words or with no spacing, and argument error. Check out, on the table, the manufacturer's own tips on how to solve them.

Common problems of 'concatenate' function, according to Microsoft

Use the tips for creating variable text in Excel without much effort.

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