Extension protects by homographic hit, a trick that exchanges site URLs

The Phish.AI extension for Google Chrome prevents the user from crashing into a homographic hit and provides data for criminals. This attack happens when the person enters a fake site, but with a visual and address very similar to the true one. Bandits exchange a letter from the URL with a special character, or similar ones, such as the "m" for "rn", for example. By using the counterfeit website, users fill out forms with personal and bank information for malicious people.

The Phish.AI plugin can be installed for free in the browser and detects malicious links as soon as the user clicks on a URL that contains some Unicode character. To avoid this problem and not have your personal data stolen, here's how to install the extension.

Homologous attack: trick on URL cheats users with fake pages

False version of the site MercadoLivre with exchanged letters

Step 1. Access the Phish.AI download page and click "Sign In". In the Chrome Web Store, click the "Use in Chrome" button;

in Chrome "to download the extension

Step 2. Click "Add Extension" to have the tool installed in Chrome.

Action to download and install the Chrome extension Phish.Al

From that point on, the extension will be enabled and will automatically block sites that contain suspicious characters. If you access any of these malicious links, the following warning should appear in the window.

Notice of homograph extension

Take the hint to surf more securely over the Internet.

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