Facebook allows you to create photo collage for profile layer; know how

Facebook has a tool that allows you to create photo collages to use as a profile cover. Available in the web version of the social network, the feature offers photos posted by the user to make a collage with up to six images. In this way, profile owners can create a montage with their own photos or with scenes from close people, such as family members or companions.

In addition, the native function is an alternative to having to download programs or edit images in a complex online tool. To learn how to create a cover photo with your Facebook photos, follow the procedure we have prepared.

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Tutorial shows how to create a mosaic of photos to use as a cover photo of a Facebook profile

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Step 1. Open Facebook and click on your username at the top of the screen to access your profile;

Action to access the profile profile of a profile on Facebook

Step 2. Select the "Refresh Cover Photo" option, located in the upper left corner of your current profile skin;

Action to open options to create a Facebook profile photo

Step 3. Choose "Create a collage";

Action to start the tool to create a collage of photos to use in the Facebook profile

Step 4. At this point, select with the mouse the image you want to use in the pasting. You can either navigate to "Recent Photos" or choose an album from "Photo Album". If you want to remove one of the images from the assembly, select it and use the "Delete" button;

Action to add photos to use in a collage in Facebook profile

Step 5. When defining the assembly image, confirm "Save" so that it is defined as the cover of your profile.

Action to set a collage as Facebook cover photo

Take the hint to honor close people or create a montage with photos of a trip.

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