Facebook collections: Learn how to create folders and organize saved items

Facebook has launched the Collections feature, which allows you to organize saved posts into folders. With the new feature, you can archive the items according to the content type and name the albums as you prefer (news, videos, recipes or trips, for example). At the time of saving a post, the user can choose whether the post will be taken to the parent folder or a specific collection. Previously saved posts can also be organized in the new galleries, which facilitates future inquiries.

Groups can be made by mobile, iPhone (iOS) or Android, and PC. Check out the following tutorial how to create a new collection by computer and save posts to it.

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Facebook allows you to organize items saved in collections

Step 1. On the Facebook homepage, click the "Saved" option in the left side menu;

Step 2. Select the "+ New Collection" button on the left side. Then enter the name of the new folder and click "Create" to confirm;

Create a new Collection to organize items saved on Facebook

Step 3. A confirmation window will appear on the screen. Click "OK";

Confirm the creation of the new Facebook Collection

Step 4. To save a post, click on the three selection dots above the publication and then go to "Save link";

Save Facebook posts to Collections

Step 5. Click "Add to Collection" and choose the desired folder;

Choose the Collection you want to organize items saved on Facebook

Step 6. If there is still no folder corresponding to the subject, go to "Create collection ...". Then enter the desired name and click "Create."

Create a new Collection by saving links to Facebook

Old posts

To organize previously saved posts in new folders, open the list of saved items and select the "Add to collection" button next to each post. Finally, choose the desired list and the item will be added automatically.

Organize all your Facebook posts in Collections

Ready. Take the tip to sort all your posts saved on Facebook.

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