Facebook hacked: how to know if your data leaked in the attack

Facebook has provided a support page that allows you to find out if your profile has been affected by the recent data leakage that affected about 30 million users. The social network informs you that you are still investigating the case, but it is already possible to verify that your account has been reached and, if so, to know what information has been exposed.

After the vulnerability was discovered, as a security measure, Facebook ended the session for millions of people, who had to log in again on their cell phone, PC and even third-party applications - such as Tinder. However, not all users who were logged off have been affected. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to do the verification on your profile.

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Find out if your Facebook personal information leaked

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Step 1. Go to facebook.com/login and log in to your account.

Sign in with your Facebook account

Step 2. Then open the data leak support page (facebook.com/help/securitynotice).

Facebook page for users to find out if their data has been leaked

Step 3. Scroll down to the "Is my Facebook account impacted by this security issue?" (light blue frame). There are two possibilities:

  • The phrase "your Facebook account has not been impacted" indicates that your account has not been affected.

Account example not affected

  • Otherwise, Facebook will show what data has been exposed. In the example image, the social network informs that the name, email address and phone have leaked. On the other hand, the hacker did not have access to passwords and credit card registrations.

Account example affected

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