Facebook has caption of photos for the visually impaired; see how to use

Facebook allows you to include a caption hidden in the photos with the details of the image so that it is understood by people with visual impairment through screen reading apps. The feature, called Alternative Text, can be found within the image editing options and used even after media publishing. The native function eliminates the need to use hashtags like "#PraCegoVer", which narrates the images by the traditional captions of the photos.

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Facebook has tool that describes pictures with texts for people with visual impairment

The social network itself generates an alternative text automatically for each figure, from keywords identified through artificial intelligence. However, this description may be limited and lacking in information. With the editing feature, anyone can write about the content and leave the description of the complete image. Check out, in the following tutorial, how to insert an Alternate Text in Facebook photos.

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Post Alternate Text

Step 1. After adding a photo to a new Facebook post, touch the brush icon located over the image to open editing options;

Access the Facebook photo editing tool

Step 2. From the side menu, choose the "Alternate Text" option and then tap "Overwrite alternate generated text";

Describe an image for people with visual impairment from native Facebook feature

Step 3. Write the detailed text and then go to "Save". Then continue with posting normally.

After elaborating descriptive text, the user can continue to configure the post on Facebook

Edit a posted Alternate Text

Step 1. To edit the Alternate Text of an already published image, open the picture and click the "Options" button. Finally, go to "Change alternate text".

Edit alternate text for a photo already posted to Facebook

Ready. Use Facebook's Alternative Text tool and make your content more inclusive for the visually impaired.

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