Facebook has a function that promotes blood donation in Brazil; know how to use

Facebook announced in Brazil a new tool to connect blood banks to potential donors on Wednesday (23). Now the social network user can register online to be notified when a nearby blood center needs blood. The company's goal is to create a direct line between institutions that need donors and people who can provide help, but who do not donate often. The triggering of requests begins in June, but it is already possible to register as a donor.

The partnership starts operating next month with six blood banks, located in São Paulo (Pró-Sangue), Rio de Janeiro (HemoRio), Brasília (Hemocentro de Brasília), Santa Catarina (HemoSC), Ceará (HemoCE) and Pará (HemoPA). In total, there are 64 collection points that supply more than 1, 000 hospitals and health organizations. According to Facebook, the idea is to extend the appeal to other blood banks and health facilities in the future.

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Facebook partners with blood centers to encourage blood donation

With this partnership, blood banks will be able to create special posts and events on Facebook to publicize donation campaigns. The platform promises to automatically notify nearby users who have expressed a desire to donate blood. From the alert on the cell phone or on the computer, people can contact the blood banks directly or indicate publicly if they will come to the donation site. Facebook guarantees that the institution will not have access to donor profile data.

How to register

Step 1. Although donation requests are only planned to start in June, it is already possible to register. Go to facebook.com/donateblood on your computer or mobile phone. If you're already logged in to your account, the screen will display the "Get Help Now" button. Click to proceed.

Start the blood donor registry on Facebook

Step 2. Select the first field to enter your blood type.

Enter your blood type on Facebook

Step 3. Next, tell us if you have donated blood in the past and confirm the action in "Submit".

Please indicate if you have already been a blood donor

Step 4. The information, by default, is kept confidential and is accessible only to the blood centers and to the person himself. The user, however, can choose to share the donor record with friends on the "Share now" button.

Share the donor registration on Facebook

Step 5. Sharing is performed as a "Event" in the user's timeline. Fill out the form with name, date and location, and add people to bookmark friends in the post. You can also add photos to the post. At the end, select "Save".

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