Facebook has ranking with users who contribute the most; learn how to level up

Facebook for Android and iPhone (iOS) has a kind of hidden game, in which the user and his friends can compete to see who contributes more to the social network. This is the "Editor" function, which asks questions about the operation of places visited. The goal is to keep the data up-to-date for other people.

By providing information, the user earns points to level up, medals and can even compare his score with that of his contacts. See, in this TechTudo tutorial, the step by step how to achieve a good score as an editor on Facebook.

Facebook has ranking for users who contribute more information to the social network

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How Facebook Editor Works

Available in the form of an application within Facebook itself, the Editor is a collaborative way to improve the information present in the social network. As the user checks in or posts photos or videos somewhere, the app may eventually display questions about the location at the top of the news feed or in the editing session.

The answers given by the user need to undergo a review of Facebook itself and, if accepted, will yield points for the profile of the person in charge of the help. With the accumulation of punctuation, the person will also level up in the tool, up to a maximum of 100. Currently, Facebook rewards users above level 50 with a special editors shirt.

Finally, the user can also release medals according to criteria established by Facebook. Some achievements are by number of editions accepted, number of cities edited, device in which to do the editing, among others.

How to access Facebook Editor and answer questions

Step 1. On the Facebook home screen, touch the sandwich button.

Step 2. Look for the "Suggest Editions" option on the page.

User can access Facebook Editor from the sandwich menu

On iOS: Facebook for iPhone has a slightly different path. After accessing the sandwich menu, tap on the "Applications" option. Then search for "Suggest Editions."

Step 3. In the "Vote" tab, the user can check questions about places they visited. Carefully read the displayed card.

Step 4. Respond with "Yes" if the information is correct, "No" if incorrect and "Skip" if you do not know the answer.

Facebook asks questions about places and can reciprocate users with points and medals

Now just answer the maximum number of questions and wait until they are confirmed to earn your points.

How to view your profile and your friends' leaderboards

On android

Step 1. Back to the publisher page, touch "My edits" to see your profile. "

Step 2. On the page, you can check statistics such as your level, medals won, number of suggested editions and also how many of them have been accepted.

Facebook shows user score, level and medals in profile

Step 3. To check your history, scroll down the page and verify that the responses have been accepted, declined, or are pending.

Step 4. To compare your performance with your friends in the last seven days, simply touch the "Score" option at the top of the screen.

Facebook shows history of edits accepted or not and friends score

On iPhone (iOS)

Step 1. On the publisher page, touch "My Editions" to see your contribution history.

Step 2. To check your profile, medals and also the results of your friends, touch "Scoreboard".

User can also review their contributions and compare placements with friends on iOS

Contribute also in the browser

Facebook Editor can also be accessed in browsers on the PC

In addition to the application for Android and iPhone, the user can also access the Facebook Editor on the Web. On the computer, you can also answer questions about the places you've been, track the results of friends and see their performance.

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