Facebook: how to add location by GPS in photo posted via mobile

The Facebook app lets you add GPS locations to photos used in posts. The feature, also present in Messenger, inserts a virtual sticker indicating the place where the photo was produced. When posting the image, the location is also available in the post, as happens in the check-in function . When you touch the name of the place, your friends are taken to a map.

Here's how to use Facebook location cards for Android and iPhone (iOS). It's important to make sure that the social network app has access to the location of the phone, and that the photos in the library also have the location registered. In practice, the action is similar to Instagram stickers.

Facebook allows you to add location sticker to photos

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Step 1. Open Facebook and touch the "Photo" option. Then touch the camera icon to take a picture with your phone.

Action to access the tool to publish Facebook photos

Step 2. Take a picture, then touch the sticker icon at the top of the screen, as shown in the image below.

Action to take a picture and access the picture screen in the Facebook app

Step 3. Touch "Location". The following screen will display a list of nearby places. You can also use the search tool to find other places. In this example, we'll use a suggested location. To proceed, simply touch the location description.

Action to add a GPS figurine to a photo with the Facebook app

Step 4. Use your finger to position the picture in the picture and tap "Next". The photo will be attached in the post, which will also feature the location. Use the "Share" button to publish the content on your timeline.

Action to post a photo with GPS figurine in the Facebook app

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