Facebook: how to organize items saved in galleries by mobile phone

Facebook now lets you create collections to organize your saved items. With the new feature, users can make content albums by theme, such as "cooking", "travel tips" or "sports", as well as categorizations established by the platform itself (links, videos, products and photos). This makes it easier to find saved items, especially those saved a long time ago.

The tool, which was in the testing phase, begins to be released for users with Android and iPhone (iOS), in addition to the web version. The tutorial below shows how to use function and organize all items saved on Facebook by the mobile app.

Learn how to organize Facebook saved items in galleries on your mobile phone

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Step 1. Open the Facebook app and enter the main menu, represented by three dashes. Scroll down to the "Saved" option and touch it.

Access to items saved on Facebook by the mobile app

Step 2. At the top of the screen, touch "Create Collection" to make a new album of saved items. Then type the name for your collection and tap Create.

Creation of a new collection of items saved in the Facebook app

Step 3. Locate the item you want to add to the collection. Tap the three dots next to the content and then tap "Add to collection".

Adding a saved item to Facebook to the collection

Step 4. Select the collection you created (in this example, "Recipes"). Do this with all the items you want to include in this album. When you enter the collection at the top of the screen, you will see the list organized.

Items saved on Facebook organized within collection

Step 5. You can also create a collection while organizing a content. Tap the three dots next to the item and enter "Add to collection."

Path to add Facebook content to a collection of saved items

Step 6. If none of the collections you've created already encompasses the content you're arranging, select "Add to new collection." Enter the name of the new collection and tap Create.

Creating a new collection from the saved items organization box on Facebook

Step 7. The new collection will be displayed at the top of the screen, along with the others created previously.

Collections of items saved on Facebook

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