Facebook: How to post Stories on the computer

Facebook now allows the user to publish Stories by computer. You can post photos and videos saved on your PC or write texts and emojis with the already colorful backgrounds of the platform. Some features, such as inserting figurines, creating polls and adding location, are not available to be published in the stories by the desktop, only by the cell phone. On the PC, the user can only create more basic posts.

At creation time, you have to choose whether the post will appear in Stories, feed, or both formats at once. Check out the following tutorial how to post to Facebook Stories by computer.

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How to use Facebook Stories on your computer

Step 1. Select the "Create publication" option, the same one used to start a common post. You can also start a post by clicking the "Add to your Story" button, located in the stories section on the right side of the page. The post creation box opens;

Facebook allows you to create Stories by computer

Step 2. Write your text and, if you wish, add emoji and choose a stylized background in the bottom bar of templates.

Create your post usually on Facebook, with texts and emojis

Step 3. If you want to publish a photo or video that is stored on your computer, choose "Photo / Video" button in the upper left corner.

Add photos to your Facebook Story via PC

Step 4. Choose the desired photos or videos between your files (you can choose more than one item) and confirm the action in "Open" in the lower right corner.

Choose photos from your computer that will be published on Facebook Stories

Step 5. Note that when inserting photos, the colored background will be removed automatically, but the text will remain in the post.

Facebook allows you to insert photos and texts to publish in Stories by PC

Step 6. In the lower area of ​​the window, choose whether you want to publish the text in Stories, News Feed or both formats at the same time. Then confirm with "Publish".

Choose whether your post will be published in the feed or Facebook Stories

Ready. Take the tip to publish Stories to Facebook without needing the cell phone.

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