Facebook: How to prevent a connected app from having access to your data

The Facebook application can be configured to prevent sharing of personal data with third-party apps and services. The feature, available on the iPhone app (iOS) and Android phones, allows you to disable the sending of important personal data, including the user's contact list, email address, tanned and current city.

Following the news that more than 50 million users have had their data leaked to the political marketing firm Cambridge Analytica, procedures like the following are important to ensure your privacy while using the social network. See the step-by-step how to perform the setup in the tutorial below.

Tutorial shows how to prevent services from accessing your data on the social network

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On iPhone (iOS)

Step 1. Open Facebook and touch the three bars icon at the bottom right of the screen. Then go to Settings.

Path to access Facebook application settings

Step 2. Touch "Account settings" and then "Applications".

Path to access settings for Facebook applications

Step 3. Go to "Connected with Facebook" and touch the "View" option next to one of the listed apps or services.

Way to access Facebook-bound application privacy settings

Step 4. Tap the blue visa icons to disallow access to the selected data. To make the setting effective, touch the arrow icon in the upper left corner of the screen.

Option to prevent a service or app from accessing personal data from a Facebook account

On android

Step 1. Open Facebook and touch the three bars icon at the top of the screen. Then choose "Account Settings".

Path to access settings for a Facebook account for Android

Step 2. Go to "Applications" and then tap the "Edit" option under "Connected to Facebook".

Path to access the list of connected applications in a Facebook account

Step 3. Choose one of the applications from the list. The following screen will display the data that the service has access to. To deauthorize this share, touch the blue arrow icon next to each given data.

Path to disallow Facebook data access services

Step 4. To save the setting and avoid sharing personal data with the service, touch the arrow icon in the upper-left corner of the screen.

Action to end the configuration that disallows services accessing data from a Facebook account

Take the hint to make your Facebook account safer and ensure your privacy by avoiding the sharing of important data with services use the login through the social network.

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