Facebook launches function to control the time in the app; see how to use

The Facebook app for iPhone (iOS) and Android phones has gained a feature that can control how long the social network is used. The user can find out the average time spent on the platform, as well as set up a daily reminder on using and disabling notifications. Upon reaching the established time limit, the service sends a warning, but you can ignore it and continue to tinker with the social network as usual. The function is useful as it encourages the conscious use of the tool and allows to better manage the tasks of the day to day.

In the following tutorial, learn how to use Facebook's new control panel to keep track of time. The procedure was performed on an iPhone 5C with iOS 10, but the tips are also valid for users of the Google system and other models of the Apple phone.

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Learn how to use Facebook's usage time tracking tool

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Step 1. Access the social network menu, expand the "Settings and privacy" item and open "Your Facebook time". There, check the average time of use of the social network. To find out the weather in the last few days, click on the chart bar with the desired day;

Access the Facebook time tracking tool

Step 2. If you want to set up a usage reminder, scroll down and go to "Set a daily reminder". Then select the desired time and click on "Set Reminder". Upon reaching the established usage time, the user will be notified;

Set usage time limit for Facebook

Step 3. You can also adjust social network notifications. To do so, touch "Change your notification settings". From this screen, you can configure notifications for comments, bookmarks, reminders and other activities independently;

Set up Facebook notifications

Step 4. On the same screen, there is the ability to temporarily disable all notifications in order to decrease Facebook usage. To do this, activate the option "Mute push notifications" and choose the desired time.

Temporarily silence Facebook notifications

Ready. Take advantage of the tips to keep track of Facebook's usage time on your phone.

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