Facebook launches videos to celebrate the community; See how to edit your

Facebook has prepared a video to celebrate the importance of each user in the operation of the social network. As with previous actions, the tool automatically creates standardized festive scenes and inserts user photos with your friends. Images are highlighted in interactions with the characters, creating scenes that look customized.

It is up to the user to choose whether to use the images suggested by the platform or to choose one by one. Editing allows, for example, to redefine the video with photos of special friends and family. To learn how to access and edit your Facebook community commemorative video, follow our tutorial below.

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Step 1. To view your video, go to the Facebook platform called "What We Do Together" (facebook.com/WhatWeDoTogether). After being redirected to the commemorative page, select the "Edit" option;

Action to start editing the Facebook community celebration video

Step 2. In the window that opens then touch the photo icon on the right side of the screen, as shown in the image below;

Action to search for other Facebook photos to use in the commemorative video

Step 3. Select the photo to include in the video and click the "Finish" button. At that moment, the image suggested by Facebook will be replaced by this one;

Action to select an image to use in the commemorative video of the Facebook community

Step 4. Navigate through the numbers below the edit screen to change images from other portions of the video, in the same way as the procedure above;

Action to select and change images in other snippets in the commemorative video of the Facebook community

Step 5. After editing all the images you want, select the "Next" button to prepare your video;

Action to finalize the edition of the video commemorative of the community of Facebook

Step 6. Click the "Publish" option to have your video shared with your Facebook friends.

Action to share the commemorative video of the Facebook community

Use the hint to choose pictures of your best friends and have fun with your commemorative video.

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