Facebook Messenger: How to use the location sticker when sending photos

Facebook Messenger allows you to include a location sticker for users to indicate where a photo was produced. The figurine is a way to keep people informed about their travels and moments in special places. Available for iPhone (iOS) and Android phones, the feature works much like Instagram Stories and WhatsApp chat, collecting information based on your phone's GPS.

Here's the step-by-step guide on how to use the geolocation badge on photos you share on Facebook's messenger.

Facebook Messenger has location sticker for photos

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Step 1. Open Facebook Messenger, and in a chat, touch the photo icon to view images from your phone's library. Then touch the photo you want to share.

Action to prepare an image for sharing in Facebook Messenger

Step 2. Touch the "Edit" option and in the next window tap the emoji icon to see the available cards.

Action to view the image options for images that will be shared on Facebook Messenger

Step 3. Touch the "Location" tab. Then find or choose a location suggested by the app. To continue, touch the location you want.

Action to set up a Facebook Facebook badge

Step 4. Drag the figurine to an image area and touch the blue arrow icon to share in the chat.

Action to send an image with geolocation card in Facebook Messenger

Take the hint to bookmark places in your photos before sending them to your Facebook Messenger contacts.

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