Facebook Messenger: Uploading videos, photos, and audios quickly

Facebook Messenger has a feature for quickly sending videos, photos and audios to a contact. The procedure, available on the iPhone app (iOS) and Android phones, is to hold down the media send icon so that floating windows with camera images or voice recorder are launched on the screen. When you release your finger, the file is sent instantly to the contact, without the possibility of editing.

It is important to know that the action is for new photos, videos and audios to be produced. To share files from the mobile phone library, you need to use the default send procedure. Here's how to use fast media delivery on Facebook messenger.

Tutorial shows how to use Facebook's fast photo, video and audio sharing

How to respond to messages sent to Facebook pages via mobile

Step 1. In a Facebook Messenger chat, hold down the camera button and wait for the window with the image to appear on the conversation. By holding your finger down on the icon, the video recording will be performed. To send to your contact, simply release your finger from the screen.

Step 2. To take a picture quickly, press and hold the picture icon and wait for the camera window to appear again.

Action to send a quick video in Facebook Messenger chat

Step 3. To send the photo, release the button. For audios, press and hold the microphone icon, as shown in the image below.

Action to send a quick photo to a Facebook Messenger contact

Step 4. As long as you hold down the button the application will maintain voice capture. To send, just release the icon.

Action to send audio quickly to a Facebook Messenger contact

Enjoy the tip when you want to send a photo, video or audio quickly to a friend using your phone with Facebook Messenger.

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