Facebook registers users' location; see how to delete and deactivate

Facebook records each user's pass and saves this information in a history, with the right to a very detailed map. This data, which is private, is used to improve the social networking experience. However, the feature should annoy people more concerned about privacy - especially who uses a couple profile, for example.

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In the next walkthrough, see how to delete your Facebook location history on your PC and disable the feature on your phone. The same can be done using the activity log. However, in this method, you can view the history of a specific day at a time - in the log, events are displayed in isolation.

Facebook registers users' location; see how to delete and deactivate

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Step 1. Access your Facebook settings. To do this, click on the arrow icon in the upper right corner of the page, and click on "Settings";

Open Facebook Settings

Step 2. In the left sidebar of the settings screen, click "Location". Then, to the right, click "View your location history" and confirm your account password;

Accessing Location History

Step 3. Your location history will appear on the map. You can delete the history of a particular day by clicking on the "..." button to the right of the date, and going to "Delete this day";

Deleting history from a specific day

Step 4. If you want to delete everything, click on the "..." button in the top right corner of the page. Now click "Delete all location history" and confirm.

Clearing all location history

How to disable

Step 1. On your mobile phone, open the Facebook app and go to the social network menu. Then expand the "Settings and Privacy" category and open "Settings." In the settings screen, touch "Location";

Access location settings

Step 2. Disable the "Location History" option and finally confirm "Disable".

Disabling mobile location history

Ready! That way, Facebook will no longer register the places in which you usually go.

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