Facebook Watch Party: See how to watch videos with friends on PC

Facebook officially launched the Watch Party tool, which began testing in January. The novelty allows members of a group to watch videos on the social network together, in real time, whether they are recorded movies or live broadcasts. Users can also react and comment on the session, which may have one or more videos.

The feature arrives first for the groups, but Facebook announced that it plans to expand the feature for personal pages and profiles in the future. In this tutorial, see how to use Watch Party on PC.

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Facebook launches Watch Party; see how to use tool to view videos with friends in groups

Step 1. Access Facebook and enter the desired group. In the new post field, the "Watch Party" button should be highlighted. If it is not, click on "Photo / video";

Ways to find the Watch Party tool in Facebook groups

Step 2. In the "Photo / video" section, select the "Watch Party" tool. Facebook will open a window with the summary of the operation the first time you use the feature. Click "Ok" to close;

Step 3. In the publication window, press the "Add Video" button;

Button to add videos in Group Watch Party on Facebook

Step 4. Facebook will suggest some videos, indicating what your friends are seeing. To search for other content, type the desired term in the "Search" tab and press Enter. Click the "Add to Queue" button next to the videos you want to include in Watch Party. Finally, press "Finish";

Adding videos to the Facebook Watch Party queue

Step 5. Write a description for your Watch Party and click on "Publish". Facebook will take a few seconds to prepare the broadcast and send notifications to group members;

Watch Party publication in Facebook group

Step 6. The videos you added to the queue will be displayed in sequence. Group members will be able to watch, react and comment on the broadcast at the same time;

Facebook Party Watch running

Step 7. If you want to invite someone specific of the group to watch Watch Party, press the "Share" button and click "Invite" next to the desired profile.

Invitation from specific Facebook group members to watch Watch Party

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