Far Cry 5: How to defeat John Seed, villain of one of the regions of the game

Far Cry 5 was recently released for PS4, PC and Xbox One. Ubisoft's new game puts the player in the shoes of a CIA agent who has to go to the town of Hope Country to serve an arrest warrant for a religious leader named Joseph Seed. But he is not alone, as there are a number of followers who will hamper his task.

And among them is Joseph's younger brother John Seed. The lunatic is the keeper of the western part of the city, and it will be necessary to defeat him in order to liberate the inhabitants there. But the mission is not easy and helps you in this. Check out:

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The craziest youngest

John manages to be the saddest of the Seeds clan. While his "brother" is more tolerant, the youngest does not know how to hand down when it comes to violence, torturing most of his victims with the excuse that he is healing them from their sins.

How to defeat John Seed, the villain of one of the major regions of Far Cry 5

And just like the other villains, you need to fill the villain's bar of attention until he finally comes to the final showdown. It happens during an invasion of Fall's End, where John makes his allies hostage. Arriving there, after the animations, the villain ends up fleeing.

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A long shooting will begin, try not to waste much time there and leave in the direction of the fugitive. Before that, remember to have Nick's air support, as John will continue heading for the skies on a plane.

How to defeat John Seed, the villain of one of the major regions of Far Cry 5

You'll have to borrow it and take down John's plane. The task is not the easiest, since the enemy plane is quite resilient. So it is necessary to have Nick's support to defeat him. When you are down, jump and parachute to the point where Seed is down.

After another animation, run the villain and get your key. It gives access to the bunker where the villain is with the agent in custody. Be careful because the place is filled with heavily armed enemies. After eliminating them and rescuing their ally, the region of John will be released.

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