Far Cry 5: How to get money faster in the game

Far Cry 5 is an action adventure game from Ubisoft for PS4, Xbox One and PC (see the requirements for playing on computers), distributed through Steam and other digital games stores. The title has a differentiated open world system, with lots of exploration and scarce resources - among them money. The values ​​obtained are used to buy benefits within the game, such as cars, boats, protection, weapons and ammunition. In some cases, it even yields unique items. Learn how to get money the fastest way throughout the campaign:

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First method: hunting

Hunting is one of the fastest ways to get money in Far Cry 5. The game puts a lot of wildlife on the map, and many of them have skins or parts that can be sold for good value in many small villages. The ideal is that you think: the more dangerous the animal, the greater the reward. But there are also rare animals.

How to get more money in Far Cry 5

The main tip is that you always try to hunt with bow and arrow. An arrow in the head or sensitive parts of the animal can be fatal quickly. In addition to being silent - not to attract enemies - the bow and arrow allows you to save ammunition, which is very scarce in the game.

Second method: Do secondary missions

As an open world game, Far Cry 5 has several missions available on the map, usually indicated with a green dot above the characters' heads. We know it's tempting to get caught up in the story to finish quickly, but they're great ways to get money.

How to make more money in Far Cry 5

If your goal is to get more and more money throughout the campaign, try focusing on the side quests for a long time. Forget the campaign, there is no time to finish the game, and try to cover the whole area before going to the next. This will also help in the evolution of your character.

Third method: fishing

This may seem surprising, but you can sell fish in Far Cry 5! Besides serving as food, fish is a delicacy that is worth money inside the game. Best of all is that you can fish without spending anything.

How to make more money in Far Cry 5

To fish, you just need to find a specific place to perform the action and also find a rod. The rod can be bought in stores along the map, but can also be found on the ground, in camps, for example.

Fourth method: Capture regions

Far Cry 5 has your map dominated by Joseph Seed's forces, but you can capture these defensive posts by eliminating all of the enemy's enemies so that your allies can retake the region and reward you in the process.

How to make more money in Far Cry 5

Best of all, reward money, when capturing a region, varies according to your performance. If you are silent and kill the enemies undetected, the value will be much higher than eliminating all with multiple shots and noisy form.

By following these steps you can achieve good values ​​in Far Cry 5 and spend with peace of mind.

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