FIFA 18: check out tips to do well in World Cup mode

FIFA 18 received the update of the World Cup, launched free of charge via download on Xbox One, PS4, Switch and PC and mobile (Android and iOS). In addition to bringing the stadiums and all the teams that participate in the world (and even those that have not been classified), the mode has a new Ultimate Team, only with athletes of the teams of the competition. Starting now in mode, and needing tricks to improve your performance? Check out our tips for making it beautiful.

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Complete Cast Mounting Challenges

As in FIFA 18, the World Cup mode has its own Casting Challenges. This option works as a kind of minigame, where players need to form teams to receive rewards.

We tested the new FIFA World Cup 2018 mode; check out!

At the World Cup, early on, it is possible to get several free packages, plus a guaranteed Icon. Before you even play, be sure to complete the Challenges to get additional cards and boost your cast.

Focus on a confederation

Since World Cup mode athletes do not have teams stamped on their cards, users need to set up teams considering the country and confederation of each. To prevent them from becoming weak and suffering from loss of performance, choose one of the confederations. This will allow you to use players from across a continent without losing quality.

Focus on a confederation in FIFA World Cup mode 18

Use "super substitutes"

Have you set up a European team and have no space to use Neymar, Messi or Salah? These players can function as luxury substitutes, which can enter during the match, or even at the beginning of the game. That way you do not lose points of interaction and can use varied stars.

Use super substitutes in FIFA World Cup mode 18

Adjust your team's strategy

The assembly involves much more than simply choosing the athletes and their positions. To optimize your performance, use custom tactics tools and individual instructions. This will allow you to customize the way your team plays, and make you earn more during games.

Adjust your team's strategy in FIFA World Cup mode 18

Take it easy during matches

World Cup has a much slower and cadenced game style, very different from that seen in the base game. To get well, you will have to adapt to this style and prioritize exchanges of passes and individual plays of great skill to be able to overcome the defenses. Forget the attempts to run wildly over the defenders.

Avoid running in FIFA World Cup mode 18

Use your repeated players

Expansion does not have a card market as in Ultimate Team, but that does not mean that it is not possible to store repeated cards for use in DMEs. Keep an eye on your repeated stack to find out which players to use.

Use repeated players in the DMEs of FIFA World Cup mode 18

Reinforce your team with improvements

One of the most effective ways to improve your team is to make the DMEs for improvement. In them you can send 11 athletes who no longer intend to use and receive in return a package with three players from a specific confederation, with great chances to get good quality cards.

Reinforce your team with improvements in FIFA World Cup mode 18

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