FIFA 18 will be free for a limited time, see how to download

EA announced that FIFA 18 is free to download on PS4, Xbox One and PC (via Origin) for a limited time - Switch players are out of the range. The game is offered in the online stores of the consoles and also in the official page. Those who download and install can enjoy the entire game, including the World Cup mode, released in late May. The download will be available until June 15 and, after the limit, it is not clear if the game will continue to work for those who downloaded it.

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Here's how to download FIFA 18 for free, by simple and valid methods for all platforms:

General Download - Same method for all platforms

Step 1. The general download is not available through the PS4, Xbox One or Origin online stores. To download you need to find the FIFA 18 Free Trial on the store homepage. It will be demarcated, as in the following image;

How to download FIFA 18 for free

Step 2. Select the download button and the download will start automatically;

How to download FIFA 18 for free

Step 3. Just wait for the time needed to start playing while the game is downloaded;

How to download FIFA 18 for free

Download via web - On the official EA page

Step 1. If you prefer, go to the official EA page for the Free Trial;

Step 2. Click the desired platform - PS4, Xbox One or Origin;

How to download FIFA 18 for free

Step 3. Inside the store, just click on Buy to register the game in your account and start downloading;

How to download FIFA 18 for free

After the transfer, just enjoy the game until the deadline.

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